Lisa Kim, a third-year doctor of pharmacy student at the School, will compete in the APhA-ASP National Patient Counseling Competition in March.

Kim won the local level of the competition to earn the right to represent the School in the national competition, which will be held at the American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington, D.C., on March 12-15.

The goal of the competition is to help student pharmacists become better patient educators. The competition is designed to reflect changes that are occurring in practice, to promote and encourage further professional development of student pharmacists, and to reinforce the role of pharmacists as health-care providers and educators.

The top ten finalists in the local competition were:

  • Lisa Kim (PY3)
  • Maria Cruz (PY3)
  • Lee Davis (PY1)
  • Katie Touloupas (PY2)
  • Brittany Reynolds (PY3)
  • Keith Warshany (PY2)
  • Christopher Westerfield (PY3)
  • Danielle Pender (PY2)
  • Megan Smith (PY1)
  • Holly Busic (PY3)
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