Translating discoveries into better education for our students, economic benefits for our state and beyond and better health for our citizens.

UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy faculty understand that the practice and science of pharmacy is constantly changing — because they are the ones changing it. The number of primary faculty grew 69 percent from 2005 to 2014 and includes approximately 75 on-campus and 30 off-campus clinical practitioners and researchers who work on the leading edge of pharmaceutical practice and research.

Our faculty have dedicated themselves to breakthrough research, cutting-edge health-care methods and innovative instruction. External research funding rose 245 percent from 2004 to 2013 to approximately $23 million, second among the nation’s pharmacy schools. Discoveries by our faculty have resulted in 165 patents — 131 of which were issued in the last ten years — and a total of 19 spin-off companies.

Using a variety of methods to engage students in the classroom, in the lab and in experiential settings, our faculty help prepare students for a future in research, industry, practice or education. Their expertise translates directly to the quality of the education received by our professional and graduate students for whom they serve as teachers, mentors and preceptors.


Stephen Eckel, Pharm.D., M.H.A.

Stephen Eckel Receives 2015 NCAP Leadership Awards

November 24, 2015

Stephen Eckel, Pharm.D., M.H.A., has been awarded the 2015 NCAP Leadership Award and 2015 McKesson Leadership Award by the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists. Eckel is a clinical associate professor and the vice chair of graduate and postgraduate education in … Continued

Tasha Woodall, Pharm.D.

Woodall Named NCAP’s 2015 Distinguished Young Pharmacist

November 23, 2015

Tasha Woodall, Pharm.D., an assistant professor of clinical education and clinical instructor of family medicine at the School’s Asheville campus, was awarded the 2015 Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award by the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists. “I am so humbled by … Continued

Joe Moose

Joe Moose Wins 2015 NCPA Independent Pharmacist of the Year

October 15, 2015

Joe Moose, Pharm.D., has been named the National Community Pharmacists Association 2015 Willard B. Simmons Independent Pharmacist of the Year. Moose is an adjunct assistant professor in the Division of Practice Advancement and Clinical Education, a preceptor and co-owner of … Continued

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